Why Matcha Tea Is The Way To Good Health

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The human body needs antioxidants to stay healthy. If your body has enough of these elements, it means that it can fight diseases easily. That said, Matcha green tea can be a significant source of antioxidants. Remember, green tea comes in different types, flavors, and prices. In this in-depth article, we shall look at Matcha green tea and why it is the way to good health. You will understand what the tea contains, its benefits, and why you should not miss it at home.

Good health is paramount for one to be productive in life. This is why you must be committed to holistically embracing health. People go through different stages in life, but their health habits dictate how they pull through.

Besides the well-balanced diets you enjoy at home and exercising, Match green tea can boost your immune system for better health and wellness. The use of supplements is another way of strengthening your body. There are different types of supplements in the market working in different ways but with a common goal of keeping people healthy.

What is Matcha green tea?

Matcha is a blend of green tea made from dried young tree leaves. These leaves are ground to form a green powder, which is then mixed with some hot water. Matcha tea is different from other green teas because you don’t have to sieve it. Another thing that makes Matcha tea different is that it’s grown from shaded trees with high chlorophyll levels. The shades help maintain their green color and nutrients, unlike other tea leaves exposed to the sun. The antioxidant levels in Matcha tea are uncompromised, making it the way to good health.

Why should I take Matcha Green Tea?

Early in the 1090s, the world Health Organisation endorsed the use of tea as a way of remaining young and healthy. This has further seen people introducing tea ceremonies to emphasize on benefits of taking tea. Green tea is leading among the best tea types globally, and Matcha tea is not left behind either.

The health benefits of matcha green tea leaves are unmatchable. This antioxidant powerhouse is a guarantee to long life and good health. These are components responsible for neutralizing the free radicals in our bodies. You might suffer from multiple illnesses if your body doesn’t have enough antioxidants. Consistent intake of these green tea leaves will ensure that you have enough antioxidants in your body that will fight viruses and bacteria. Here are the reasons why you should take the matcha tea leaves.

1.To burn calories

Matcha green tea is an answer to anyone who has been struggling with a heavyweight. This tea will halt your visits to the gym within no time. This is because it has low levels of calories; therefore, it doesn’t add more to the ones you are already trying to fight when you take it.

Additionally, this fat-burning tea contains catechins that increase the body’s thermogenesis, ensuring your body is burning fats and excreting calories faster. This was confirmed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in one of their study reports, which stated that green tea was great in fat oxidation.

2.For body glucose balancing

High levels of glucose in your body can expose you to diabetes. You can also become resistant to insulin. This is the more reason why you should have a pack of Matcha at home. Matcha is magical in regulating and reducing blood sugars thanks to its fiber.

Additionally, the green tea’s fiber ensures that the blood levels are stabilized even when you are angry or over-reactive.

3.Lowering stress levels

Life is not getting any easier, and therefore a lot of people are developing stress. This has been on the increase, especially with the Coronavirus lockdown and job losses. With the bills to pay and responsibilities to attend to, anxiety might be inevitable. However, you can manage the stress levels at home without seeing a doctor by using green tea. The antioxidants in Matcha come in handy in dealing with the free radicals that trigger stress levels. The tea has a way of calming someone down in stressful times. This, in return, boosts your energy levels and lowers anxiety.


Bad eating habits and lifestyles cause toxic build-up in our bodies. Having toxins is a bomb in waiting, not to mention the weight gain. This is why body detoxification should be done daily. Matcha tea will come through for you by fighting free radicals and expelling them out of your body. Besides, these green tea bags will build your immune system and help in digestion. A well-detoxified body will rarely struggle with diseases.

5.Boosting immunity

Your body is the biggest investment you can have. Matcha tea is great in boosting our body’s immune system, thus keeping us healthy and happy. The antioxidants found in these green tea bags are great in fighting pathogens and producing T-cells in our bodies. Regular intake of these green tea leaves will boost your immunity in a big way.

The University of Michigan study conducted a study on the EGCG component found in this product. The results showed that Matcha green tea works perfectly in fighting arthritis and body inflammation. It also helps in preventing the production of some inflammatory chemicals in the human body. This is why the elderly need to take a glass of green tea leaves at least twice a day—no better way to stay healthy than being committed to a green tea diet.


The world is changing, and humans are being exposed to different diseases and conditions. Going the medical way is becoming costly, with too much to pay for treatment. This leaves most people with no other option but to use what is naturally available. Thus, Matcha is the best green tea brand that can help keep you healthy. These leaves are produced from trees, and the leaves have got all your body needs to stay strong. By embarking on a green tea diet, your frequent visits to the doctor will drastically come to an end.

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