What Is The Best Water To Drink?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

There can never be life without water, whether in humans or plants. 75% of the human body is taken by water, which explains why it's a critical element for life. There are many types of water for consumption around the globe. They vary in contents and sources. Unfortunately, very few people pay close attention to the kind of water they drink.

What is the best water to drink? This question has left many at crossroads because the market is flooded with different types of water. Marketers have also been up and down advertising the benefits of their brands to make profits. This in-depth article will discuss the best water to drink with minerals. We shall also explore different types of water and their benefits.

Types of water

1.Alkaline water: If you are keen on your health, you must be familiar with alkaline water. It has been mentioned to be good for health. Alkaline water has a higher Ph. than that of regular water. It is recommended for everyone because it stabilizes the alkaline level and controls blood pressure.

2.Bottled water: This is treated water, and it is all over the streets. Bottled water is convenient for human consumption and a suitable type of clean water for drinking. However, the production of this water is surrounded by some controversies. The environmental cost of producing a liter of water is too high, and 3 liters are wasted.

Additionally, plastic bottles are hard to recycle. Therefore they end up filling our surroundings. It gets worse when they reach the water bodies and cause further contamination and affect water life.

3.Tap water: This is the most common type of water, and it is readily available in our homes. The municipals' government controls it. Tap water is treated and can be used for food cooking, tea or green tea preparation, and laundry. The main benefit of tap water is that it's cheap and readily available.

Unfortunately, some concerns have been linked to this water. Research done by the Environmental Working Group confirmed that tap water has over 500 contaminants of various types. Besides, most tap water has fluoride added to it, and sometimes it's in larger and harmful quantities. But the good thing is if structured water is used, the toxins will be changed into some inert and inactive states.

4.Distilled water: This is any vaporized and collected water. It has no minerals or any solid residuals, meaning it's neither good nor bad. However, its high level of purity makes it ideal to be used in laboratories. Distilled water has no risks to the human body.

5.Flavored or infused water: It is water that has been sweetened with artificial sweeteners or sugar. This water contains artificial flavorings. Its benefit is it offers an alternative taste for natural water. The taste entices you to drink more water, which is good for your body.

However, this water is not suitable for people with diabetes because of the added sugars. Besides, you might add more weight because of the flavors and sugars.

6.Sparkling water: This, in other words, is known as carbonated water. It is put under pressure and infused with carbon dioxide gas. Soda water comes in handy if you don't want fizzy and flat-tasting water. This type of water is expensive and doesn't contain any minerals for your body.

Which is the best water to drink?

The best water to drink should be naturally clean, pure, boasting all types of minerals that occur naturally. But in some places, these water types are not 100% safe for both humans and plants. But if structurally purified, some of these can be the best.

Here is a list of the best water to drink.

a. Natural spring water: This is a type of groundwater emerging from the ground with a steady flow. This water doesn't go through any processing, and it's purified at the source.

b. Well water: This water comes from a drilled borehole connected to a water source. It is brought to the surface using a pump. Artesian water: It comes from a natural source, but it is processed and then bottled.

c. Mineral water: Mineral water is either spring or artesian water. Its source is underground, and it boasts several amounts of minerals and trace elements. It has been termed as the best water to drink in the world.

What essential minerals does water give our bodies?

Water contains several minerals that are beneficial to the functioning of our bodies. Here are some of them.

  • Copper: This mineral goes a great way in boosting the functions of enzymes stored in blood and body tissues.

  • Magnesium: Magnesium is the secret behind healthy bone formation, synthesis of protein, and body metabolism

  • Chromium: This mineral is in charge of body nourishment. It also helps the body in controlling how it uses its energy and boosts body metabolism. Additionally, chromium is excellent in controlling blood sugar.

  • Calcium: The primary function of calcium in the body is to help in bone development. Moreover, the mineral also aids in the regulation of healthy cells and muscle contraction. On the other hand, calcium helps in blood clotting and transmission of the nerve impulse.

  • Potassium: Potassium is in charge of regulating body fluids and sending nerve signals. Additionally, the mineral also helps in maintaining an excellent acid-base balance.

  • Sodium: It helps in energy generation within body cells causing it to be released through the cell membrane. It also plays a significant role in the blood plasma.

  • Manganese: Manganese helps in the metabolism of glucose, amino acids, and carbohydrates. The mineral also helps in activating some body enzymes.

  • Sulfur: It plays a significant role in body detoxification and intestinal movements.


Frequent consumption of water is good for your overall health. Proper hydration ensures you enjoy high energy levels and also have a brain that functions well. Water is different in price and also the number of minerals it contains.

It is recommended that one takes at least eight glasses of water in a day to keep the body well hydrated. Eating foods that contain high levels of water is also great. This is more so for people who find it difficult to take more water in a day.

This article has discussed everything you need to know about water and the best water to drink. But remember, if you have doubts about water purity, consider structural water purification. This way, toxins are turned inert, inactive, or altered into usable compositions in your body.

Lastly, water can also be reenergized making it more revitalized and back to its natural taste. To do that, there are structured water gadgets like Aqua energizers that can help you big time.

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