Ways To Protect Yourself from 5G and EMF

The 5G mobile network has taken digital communication to another level. However, there are adverse effects of this network, and one must have an emf shield. This article will discuss various ways to protect yourself from 5G and emf. There is nothing good that comes without a price, and the case is no different for 5G. The truth is that wireless technologies are harmful and expose people to EMF radiation.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of the 5G network. Unfortunately, it has been exceeded by the high monetary benefit it brings to organizations. Governments have been hesitant to come clear on the network. This calls for strong protective measures and the use of emf protection products globally to ensure humans' safety.

Its high peak speed is a whole new chapter to people who do video games, live streaming, and other activities that require high internet speed. Technology has made it easy for organizations to be productive, especially in activities involving the internet. The high speed has been a game-changer in emailing and doing online meetings with clients. This has confirmed that there is no way out but to learn how to protect ourselves.

Way to protect yourself from 5G and EMF

The world is in a dilemma now that it is clear that the 5G network is here to stay. Everyone is begging for answers on how they can be safe from EMF radiation. One safe way is to reduce the use of devices that produce emf radiation. These include cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, electrical appliances, among others.

You may ask how this will be possible, especially with a phone. Fortunately, here is how to protect yourself from radiation. All is not lost, and with the right measures and the right 5G radiation, home neutralizers, you won't be affected. We shall start with how to reduce radiation exposure in the home.

1.Safe use of cell phone

Your phone might be very important to you, but it is a source of electrical sensitivity. Unfortunately, you absorb 49.5 % of cell phone radiation every time you are on a phone call.

Here are ways to be safe.

a. Invest in a cell phone case with EMF protection; This is a small phone pocket with an emf blocker that cancels the radiations whenever you are on a phone call.

b. Avoid body contact with your computer or cell phone: As much as you can't be far from your cell phone, it is wise always to keep it 10mm away. It would be best if you did not sleep with your phone under the pillow or inside your pocket. This is more so for women who want to be pregnant.

c. If you are using a landline, ensure all the base stations are well corded.

d. Use loudspeakers if you have nobody around.

e.Use earphones and keep the phone away from your head.

2.Avoid use of microwaves

You might be on a tight schedule, and the microwave could be the easiest way to fix breakfast. However, this technology has got immense negative effects because it emits high radiation. This might affect your health with time.

However, there are alternatives to emf protection at home.

· Cook or warm your food using a stove

· If you must use the microwave, stand 10meteres away.

· Use plastic containers with warm water to warm your food.

· Use whole house 5G radiation neutralizes

3.Distance your body from laptops

Distancing yourself from the computer goes a great emf protection for home or in the office. This is done by turning off the wireless router, which is responsible for emitting emf radiation. Additionally, turning off your computer or television when not in use is a personal emf protection method. If you must use your laptop on your laps, ensure you have an emf protection product such as radiation neuts.

4.Wifi-routers precautions

Technology has advanced, and most home and office has a Wi-Fi router. Unfortunately, most people don't know that the gadget is the biggest source of emf radiation. The radiations from the router get stronger whenever you are close to it. This is why it is critical to keep the router far away from where you spend your time in the home or office.

Additionally, make it a habit to unplug the router every time you are retiring to bed. Alternatively, you can buy an emf home adaptor. This device is magical when it comes to neutralizing all harmful emf radiation within your home.

5.Use of 5g protection clothing

Most of the above-discussed methods are applicable in an indoor setup. However, you can't stay indoors forever. This translates to the diversification of how to protect yourself from radiation. Wearing 5G protection clothing is another emf shield. These clothes boast a 75% radiation reduction.

Additionally, they shield your body from exposure to radiation within a range of 30KHZ to 3GHz.The emf protection clothing and beddings for family use, i.e., pillows, will give you highly efficient radiation shielding. Besides, you can comfortably use your cell phone and other devices without worry.

6.Emf protection pendant

Most people buy jewelry for beauty. Did you know there are 5g protection pendant products? This must be interesting to note. These pendants are designed to protect you from electromagnetic frequencies emitted by almost every device around you. This pendant will keep you safe and enhance your beauty at the same time. Such pendants are affordable and available in the market.


The above discussed are ways of protecting yourself from emf radiations. Some of them demand that you minimize the use of devices that emit these radiations. Others are ways to ensure you keep your distance from the devices. However, this should not mean that you can't use your kitchen or communication devices. Sometimes it is impossible to keep off from such devices.

This is more so if our neighbors are using them. In such situations, you are advised to use emf protection products. Have you been scared about 5G because of the stories you have heard? Well, this article has generously discussed ways to protect yourself from 5g and emf. If you embrace the tricks, then your safety is guaranteed. Lastly, you can check for 5G protection products at Aulterra.

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