Water and Consciousness: What Is There To Know

There is a strong bond between water and consciousness. This is why 95% of the human brain is made of water. The role of water in human consciousness and health, in general, can't be ignored, and without it, the brain wouldn't be functional. Have you ever had a headache that went away after taking some water? A brain without enough water is like a phone without a charging system.

In this chapter, we shall look at the relationship between water and consciousness. You will understand that water is a critical medium of consciousness. This article will also prove that water is also conscious and alive beyond our imagination on its deeper side. It reacts to sound and words.

Does water have memory?

Besides the scientific knowledge of water having both oxygen and hydrogen, it also has memory. According to Dr. Jacques Benveniste, water has two other extra exceptional properties. He was the first immunologist to come up with this discovery.

In his research, he confirmed that water carries the memory of any substance dissolved in it. This happens even when the substance doesn't have any presence of its molecules. The other water property that was discovered is called digital biology. In this experiment, water confirmed that it could preserve the actual substance's contents and behave like it.

How does this happen? This occurs when any molecule spectrum in a substance has been recorded digitally and taken back to pure water. The recording is done using a computer and an electronic transponder that helps the molecules to playback to the water.

The immunologist confirmed that water has memory, and this was published in the Nature journal. Generally, the experiment was a revelation that water molecules are active biologically. This was the source of the term water memory.

Prof. Luc Montanier did another research that confirmed that water has memory. He is a virologist and a Nobel prize winner. His research revealed that even after a substance is diluted in water, it will leave behind its electrochemical properties. This discovery was termed DNA Teleportation. Many researchers have also proved that even after filtering water, it still contains its contaminants. The water memory property makes it hold the elements of the polluted water.

Can sound vibrations and chanting affect water structure?

As much as it may sound funny, water responds to human sound vibrations and chanting. This also affects its structure. A Japanese researcher known as Dr. Masaru Emote experimented in the 1990s to confirm this. In the experiments, he took water samples from different sources. He compared the structure of every crystal in those waters. This was done by photographing and freezing them.

The experiment confirmed that the crystalline structure of water taken from the same source had a similarity. However, water samples taken from Japan and London had no crystals, while those taken from holy places confirmed its crystalline structure. This was mostly spring water that exhibited lovely crystals.

Another experiment that Dr. Masaru did, it involved using written phrases, words, music, and prayer. He was keen on observing how each sound affected the water structure. In his experiments, he used both negative and positive statements. Interestingly, the negatives words made the crystalline structure of the water asymmetrical. On the other hand, the positive statement brought out beautiful crystals.

In the summary of all these experiments, water confirmed that it responds to sound vibrations and chanting. Words used on water affect its memory and alters water energy and the structure of its crystals. Conclusively, all these elements confirmed that water is conscious, intelligent, and alive.

Can Water consciousness be used to cure diseases?

The molecular structure of water gives it incredible healing powers. This happens through its consciousness that you can use to cure diseases affecting you. How is this possible? You can achieve this by taking advantage of the water memory. As earlier mentioned, water reacts differently to words. The positive ones boost its crystalline structure.

On the other hand, a weak and negative mind causes disease. However, when one takes water with some positive words, its beautiful crystalline structure goes to the brain. In return, it communicates to the ailing part of the body, thus erasing the pain. This happens by taking away the negativity in the brain. Some of the conditions healed by water consciousness are depression, stress, and blood pressure.

It is also important to note that our bodies contain 70% of water, and therefore drinking water creates self-healing. Additionally, drinking water helps humans to be spiritually aligned and balanced in life. You can add some lemon, mint leaves, or cucumbers to it to boost its flavor.

How to conserve water

Having established the various ways water memory affects life, it is only prudent to conserve more of it. Here are some of the ways that we can conserve water.

a. Replace worn-out water taps-According to US Geological Survey, at least 350 water gallons are lost annually through worn-out taps. This is not a small amount of water, and it can save a situation during the drought seasons. However, you can avoid this by fixing any dysfunctional water tap in your surroundings.

b. Use your landscaping to create water Conservation-This is achieved by planting native plants that do not require much water. These plants also play a significant role in the reduction of water evaporation.

c. Connect rainwater to a barrel-This one of the ancient and best water conservation methods. The barrel is contacted to the point where rainwater is draining. The water can be used later when the rains are gone. You can use this water in irrigating your garden or cleaning.

Bottom Line

Life on earth is entirely dependent on water. It has a broad application, whether in industries or a home's setup. The properties of water benefit us differently but positively. Did you ever imagine that water has memory? This article has generously discussed water and consciousness. You now know that water reacts based on what is exposed to, whether positive or negative.

Lastly, as you get conscious of the type of water you drink, remember water structure can also get energized and revitalized using certified structured water devices. Get these devices and bring back the natural taste of the water your family drinks.

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