Mobile Phone and EMF

Modern technology, in all its many alluring manifestations, has been a blessing and a curse in more ways than one could ever have imagined. From creating the possibility of living in a ‘global village’ to easing our daily lives using technology for most of our routine tasks has been some of the greatest benedictions humans of the 21st century are blessed with.

At the same time, more research into the causes of

some of the newly-discovered and elusive diseases has led to the understanding of the dark side of technology. The mobile phone is one gadget that serves as our shadow in a very real sense. With 5.22 billion mobile phone users in the world, we are living with more than two-thirds of our global neighborhood addicted to these black screens.

Health Hazards of Mobile phone-generated EMFs

As much as mobile phone technology has eased our lives, it has undoubtedly created unforeseen complications in the way we perceived the world around us. Not to ignore the fact that the ‘invisible web’ being created around us in the form of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) impacts our health in insidious ways.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted a formal risk assessment of well-researched health hazards of the low-powered radiofrequency transmission of mobile phones and come up with several short and long-term impacts. Some of the key adverse effects as noted by some studies are as follows:

Short term impacts

· Skin tissue heating

· Disrupted cognitive function

· Disturbed biorhythm cycles

· Consistently noticeable effects on heart rate and blood pressure

Long term impacts

· A catalyst in the development of brain, head, neck, and spine tumors

· Electromagnetic hypersensitivity in children being exposed at a nascent age

There is a more dark area as to how sneaky the EMFs can get that researchers are still trying to explore and explain the elusive nature of long term mobile phone usage. With mobile phones already been classified as a possible carcinogenic to human bodies in Group 2B by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a specialized agency within the WHO, we must really understand the gravity of the aforementioned adverse impacts and strive to protect ourselves as much as we can.

How We Can Protect Ourselves

We simply cannot just stop using mobile phone technology considering the elusively insidious impacts of it on our own and our children’s health. But there are ways we can minimize the harmful impacts of mobile phone-generated EMFs.

There are products that can neutralize the dangerous EMF and 5G radiations on the human body to create a biosafe world. Using these products can protect your body at the blood cellular levels by keeping the blood cells oxygenated and free of clumps or damage induced by prolonged mobile phone usage.

The neutralizer can be applied to any communication device like mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, e-books, Bluetooth media players, wifi routers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, television, or any other smart gadget. Simply peel off the back of these adhesive-backed discs and stick them to whichever device you or your loved ones are using without disrupting the functioning of any of these gadgets.







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