Matcha Green Tea Slows Cognitive Decline – Research

Matcha Green Tea Slows Cognitive Decline – Research

Cognition is one of the key features that distinguishes the human race from other species. The ability to handle complicated abstract concepts and make long-term decisions based on foresight are fundamentally ‘human’ abilities.

A lot of things can aid in keeping this mental faculty at par even while aging, and matcha green tea is one such beverage. It has the highest amount of naturally-healing nutrients strengthening the immune system.

Before we explore the cognitive benefits that drinking matcha tea can provide, let’s first understand the key symptoms of cognitive decline in humans.

What Constitutes Cognitive Decline?

The problem of cognitive decline is fairly recent in terms of other immediate threats like deadly viruses and bacteria to sustaining a better quality of human life. This is a direct effect of industrial and technological progress which has freed humans of earlier arduous effort just for survival. With the ever-increasing luxuries and comforts being added to how we live, our expanding life expectancy has exposed us to both novel opportunities and threats.

One such threat is gradual cognitive decline as we age, and in most cases, it is always irreversible. In addition to aging, other factors like demographic, genetic background, and individual neuropathology play a key role as well. There may be a long time before one realizes the need to get medically checked and diagnosed for any terminally irreparable mental condition.

Symptoms of Cognitive Decline

To better manage our mental health, we need to understand the critical early symptoms of cognitive decline before it gets too late. Some of the most critical signs of cognitive decline that you must watch out for before consulting a doctor are:

· Foggy memory

· Diminishing thinking abilities

· Experiencing intense hallucinations and delusions

· Difficulty with completing routine tasks

· Abrupt changes in personality

· Increasing depression and anxiety

· Deteriorating spatial awareness

· Severe lack of motivation

How Matcha Green Tea Helps

According to a 2017 review study published at the National Library of Medicine, the abundance of natural phytochemicals in matcha green tea especially caffeine, L-theanine, and epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) play a vital role in improving mental clarity and cognitive function.

Other active ingredients like catechins, lutein, and vitamin K in matcha green tea have a medically-proven role in protecting the older population, especially women, from severe cognitive decline.

Effects on Cognitive Function

Matcha green tea has been consumed since ancient times for its immense health benefits, specifically mental and psychological sense of wellbeing. According to an intervention study by Food Research International, matcha green tea affects cognitive functions in three key areas:

1. Attention

2. Reaction time

3. Memory

Other beneficial activities to slow down the cognitive decline are to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a strong support system to ease off any stress in life. And while you are on lockdown at home with family and friends, enjoy a hot cup of matcha green tea to relax and keep your mind sharp at the same time.

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