Eight Little Known Ways To Enjoy Matcha Tea

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

People have embraced the use of green tea lately due to its diverse benefits. Matcha green tea is among the best green tea trending globally because it boasts high levels of anti-aging, anti-oxidants, anti-cancer elements, among other health and wellness advantages.

Additionally, this organic green tea further ensures that your immune system is in check.

Matcha green tea is made from grounded green tea leaves that can go with anything edible. It can be stirred in drinks or get sprinkled on food. Meaning, there are many ways to enjoy this tea without losing its taste or purpose in your body.

This article will share different ways of enjoying these green tea leaves. They greatly break the monotony of the hot and cold water mixing method. Note, exploring these tea leaves in different meals and delicacies can be exciting.

1. Baked cake

As much as sugars are not good, there is no harm in exciting your taste buds with a piece of cake. One can make cakes using sugar-free flour and still get to enjoy it. Do not fail to celebrate your birthday for fear of sugars unless if directed by the doctor to avoid them. Secondly, Matcha powder can be used on cakes after they are baked and cooled.

One can ice the cake with Matcha powder, thanks to its versatility. You will have nothing to worry about since the anti-oxidants will cover you from any harm. A cake iced with matcha powder beats the other cake types with high nutritional benefits.

2. Matcha lunch

The morning part of a day can be engaging and tiresome at times. Most of the energy one had in the morning is consumed, and there is a need for rejuvenation. Adding some matcha green leaves to your spaghetti sauce would come as a great way to boost your energy levels.

Additionally, the powder can be mixed with some avocado as a topping and make one's lunch complete. This anti-oxidant powerhouse can also be sprinkled over a soft drink as you wind up the lunchtime session. All these combinations will equally reciprocate in your second part of the day by making you strong.

3. Breakfast with bubble tea

The kind of breakfast one takes greatly determines how their day will be. Matcha green powder can be used as an ingredient to make some Bubble Tea. This tea type is common in Asia and is made with ice cubes, milk, and green tea.

Adding some matcha tea powder splashes and shaking all the combinations together will bring out a great cup of irresistible tea. On the other hand, one can sprinkle this organic green powder on their scrambled eggs and take it with a warm cup of milk.

4. Match for supper

There are diverse ways to explore the use of matcha when making dinner. Whatever is on your menu doesn't matter because these green tea leaves are versatile. They can be sprinkled on rice or added to some delicious soup accompanying your main meal. Generally, matcha green tea leaves can be used in any meal for dinner.

5. Chia seeds and matcha water

This drink serves as a great substitute for the afternoon cup of coffee. A glass and half of water, one serving of chia seeds, and half a teaspoon is needed to get the matcha and chia seeds water. One can also add lemon to add some taste.

Mix all these items in a glass jar and store them in a refrigerator for 15 minutes. If you notice the chia seeds sticking together, stir the water a little bit. You can take the water after 15 minutes and serve.

On the other hand, one can choose to let it sit for long. However, giving it a much longer time to settle will increase its nutritional value. Adding some honey to sweeten will make the matcha tea and chia drink more enjoyable.

6. Smoothies

Matcha powder does magic when mixed with different fruit flavors. If your day starts on a glass of smoothie, then you should consider adding a few spoons of matcha green tea to it. Most people like using it with a combination of vanilla, milk, mint, and citrus.

There is no limitation to what you can use because the taste remains heavenly and the anti-oxidant factor doesn't change based on the variety. Adding matcha green powder to your smoothie might make your day better and energetic.

7. Matcha lemonade

This is a great alternative to drinking plain water. Besides, it has a high nutritional benefit than water. The matcha lemonade is easy to make, and all you need is two lemons and green tea bags. Cut the lemons into two and squeeze them in a glass jar. Add some warm water into a jar, stir and then drop the tea bags inside. Continue stirring until the juice turns green. Adding some ice cubes would be great if it works for you.

8.Matcha garlic tea

The versatility of matcha green tea is amazing. This product is great when blended with garlic to make a garlic green tea. Some population-based-control research done in Ganyu county, Jiangsu province, confirmed that the garlic and matcha tea leaves blend greatly helped fight lung cancer.

Additionally, this combination can be used as a spice, especially after adding some pepper and paprika. One can sprinkle the mixture in a beef stew and enjoy it.


The use of Matcha tea has many benefits to the human body. With the rise in lifestyle disease and the high cost of treatment, it is wise to use natural resources for our health. Matcha green tea is the best green brand, and it helps greatly in fighting viruses and bacteria.

The above are various ways in which the tea can be prepared and enjoyed.

The good side of this green tea is that it is versatile and can go well with any food or drink. It is also wise to plan your green tea diet, especially if you had health challenges before. This will help you heal and recover without using any medications.

Lastly, for any question regarding Match or you want to order it, contact us.

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