Dangers of 5G and EMF

In July 2020, an article published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information stated that there is an almost unanimous disregard for public safety when it comes to the implementation of 5G technology by most governments, especially the EU. There are serious conflicts of interest when evaluating the real risks and health hazards of 5G technology on uninformed populations around the world.

Even with strong evidence suggesting the increased risk of cancers and carcinogenic toxins in the environment rising with greater use of wireless devices, there has been zero concern for avoiding them. To understand how 5G and EMF poses a grave threat to human lives, let’s explore some of the most urgent ways we are exposed to their dangers.

Ways 5G and EMF Adversely Affect Us

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has already classified radiofrequency EMFs as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ and put it under Group 2B. Other dangerous effects include:

· Effects on the Human Organs

5G technology works with high range millimeter waves with consistently-low intensity which causes harmful effects on human skin, eyes, heart, and brain development. This aggravates human biology to disrupt and gives rise to different kinds of skin diseases, cataracts, arrhythmias, and cancers.

· Effects on Internal Biology

The low-intensity millimeter waves of 5G unsettles at the cell plasma level and creates lower resistance to bacteria making us more vulnerable to diseases.

· Effects on Plants

Just like human beings, plants are living things as well and are equally, or probably more affected by the adverse events in the environment. 5G and EMF disturb the natural order of things and trigger the creation of stress protein, called peroxidase isoenzyme, in plants.

· Effects on the Natural Environment

There is increasing evidence of the dangers of 5G and EMF technology on the global atmospheric circulation and ozone distribution around our planet. This has already disturbed the bird and bee populations around the world causing serious changes in their reproductive and locomotive patterns.

Four Levels of Protection against 5G and EMF

Thanks to the scientific research and activitists such as Dr. Devra Davis, president Environmental Health Trust (UK), we have rational voices raising awareness of the dangers of 5G and devising ways to fight the dangers of 5G and EMF radiations, now you can find many products to protect yourself against the harmful effects.

1. Your Body

You can use Energy Pillows to save your body from immediate 5G and EMF radiation by simply placing it under your head. With homeopathically activated rare earth metals, these pillows can remove the heavy metals and toxins being absorbed by the body constantly.

2. Your Device

Products like The Neutralizer can diminish the harmful effects of 5G and EMF radiation on your body due to the excessive usage of different wireless devices. By simply sticking the adhesive-backed discs to your devices, you can protect yourself from cellphone, laptop, and wireless router radiation.

3. Your Home

With the use of this simple USB, you can protect your whole house or office against the dangerous 5G and EMF radiations being constantly emitted by multiple wireless devices at the same time. The USB can provide a protective cover for up to 5000 square feet.

4. Your Car

When on the move, you can use the car USB to neutralize 5G and EMF radiations and create a bio-safe environment for yourself and your loved ones.








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