7 Common Diseases linked To EMF Radiations

There has been significant controversy surrounding the EMF effects and the use of the gadgets that cause its emission. Technology has continued to advance every day, and it is becoming impossible to live without phones and electronics. This has had both positive and negative impacts on people's lives. Today, most of the emf dangers are affecting people's health.

This article will take you through some diseases caused by emf radiation. Remember, if these diseases are not diagnosed early, most of them might cause adverse effects to the extent of losing your life.

What is emf?

Emf is radiation of electric and magnetic fields that are associated with electricity and 5G network. Most wireless gadgets, including phones, power lines, and many other devices, emit these radiations. These emf radiation has brought challenging debates about how they cause cancers, disruptions, and behavior changes. I am sure you might have heard some people advocating for phone use reduction or boycotting 5G internet use.

However, there has also been an introduction of gadgets that help in 5G emf radiation protection. There are higher emf danger levels and lower one's. Let's have a look at the disease caused by emf.

7 diseases caused by exposure to emf radiation

As mentioned earlier, there are harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans. According to Victorian government policy, avoiding heavy exposure to the emf radiations is the way to be safe.

1. Cancer

Exposure to emf radiations has been blamed as a significant cause of cancer. This happens when the EMF radiations trigger voltage-gated calcium channels, which are found in the cells' outer membrane. Cancer cells thrive very well in conditions with such high voltage. When this happens, there is an increase in calcium, which results in high nitric oxide and superoxide levels.

The VGCC activation further destroys the strength of the cell leading to its damage. Once the damage is done, cancerous cell growth is triggered, after which you start becoming weak. The most responsible type of emf for cancer is radiology.

2. Autism in children

EMF radiations can cause a biological alteration or damage to body cells. There has been a link between autism in children and emf. I know you are wondering how that is possible because autism affects the brain more, and also it is rare to find kids with wireless devices.

According to Richard Lathe at the University of Edinburgh, exposure to emf radiations led to an increase in autism cases. His research confirmed that the introduction of microwaves was one major cause of autism in many homes. The emf radiations cause autism the same way it causes cancer through activation of VGCCS. This activation causes the brain to impair, which further leads to autism in children.

But, this does not mean you remain hopeless since microwaves are an essential home appliance. There are several EMF radiation neutralizer devices that you can use at home and remain protected.

3. Pneumonia

Generally, pneumonia is caused by bacteria and viruses, but there is also pneumonitis. This is a type of pneumonia that occurs as a result of radiation treatments. This pneumonia is common to patients with lung cancer. The infection happens when radiation therapy kills the noncancerous cells leading to inflammation of air spaces. According to the emf doctors, this pneumonia can only be avoided through receiving lower radiation doses.

4. Radiation Dermatitis

This is a condition caused by radiation therapy. The therapy is administered on cancer patients, and it, at times, affects their skin. This is caused by x-rays beams that penetrate the skin, which causes DNA and Tissue damage.

This happens as a result of the X-ray beams producing irradiated free radicles. Radiation dermatitis can't be avoided unless the radiation therapy is stopped, or else, remain protected from EMF radiation by purchasing EMF neutralizers for your family.

5. Reproductive malfunction

Exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiations has been termed the most significant cause of infertility. This is more so to men compared with other factors like environmental and biological. These are radiations emitted by devices within the house. This happens when the EMF radiations trigger oxidative stress with high reactive oxygen species.

Note, this mostly occurs when the radiation is close to the abdomen, especially for laptop users. But the good this is, EMF radiations in the form of special USBs can save your day by neutralizing the radiation emissions.

6. Acute Radiation Syndrome

Acute Radiation syndrome is a condition that occurs due to exposure to high levels of emf radiations. In most cases, the radiations penetrate internal organs and weaken the body's immune system. The symptoms of this condition include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headache. Some people may exhibit these emf exposure symptoms within the first time of exposure.

However, research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention the symptoms keep on recurring. The treatment of this condition depends on the emf levels in your body.

7. Heart diseases

There are many causes of heart disease, among them muscle infection problems. Electromagnetic fields have also been found to cause heart problems. However, the kind of problem caused depends on the type of the emf radiation.

On the other hand, the sex of a person also matters a lot, with men being more at risk. When one is exposed to high emf frequency, it penetrates through the tissues without showing any sign.

However, once it finds its way to the heart, it affects the whole cardiovascular system, increasing capillaries' diameter. According to research, heart conditions can be caused by emf frequency of as low as 150HG and 1GB. All in all, remain protected from EMF radiation in the best way possible.


The above discussed are diseases that electromagnetic fields can cause. According to World Health Organization, most emf exposure symptoms are headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. The symptoms can occur immediately after exposure or later depending on an individual. The introduction of gadgets like microwaves, phones, power lines, Wi-Fi routers have contributed to all these problems.

Sadly, there might be nothing that can be done, especially with tremendous support coming from the government. However, you can reduce the emf dangers by minimizing the use of these devices or getting EMF radiation neutralizers.

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