[JAN 2021 STOCK] PURECHA High Antioxidant Organic Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha Powder [USDA ORGANIC]

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This is a JANUARY 2021 stock of PURECHA Matcha Powder, NOT A FRESH STOCK!
Best before date is March 2022, but it is still consumable for general use. Our team is constantly checking the matcha's consumability before selling.


Superior in EGCG

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate(EGCG) is the main active component in Camellia Sinensis(Green Tea) species. Purecha features a superior EGCG content 33.2 mg/g. EGCG has shown to be the main reason why matcha is packed with health benefits such as reducing oxidative stress, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood-sugar level, and increasing fat metabolism(fat burning).

To learn more about what makes Purecha great, read this blog.

USDA Organic-Certified

In today's toxic world. The importance of having the right farming practice that is organic is really vital. GMO farming has been shown in many studies, increasing risk in getting cancer. Without using harmful chemical substance, you can assure Purecha has the purest matcha leaf with substantial health benefits!


As a conscious Muslim, we are very proud to say we prioritize not just a healthy practice in producing goods, but also using halal method to produce it. Purecha is certified Halal by Shandong Halal Certification Body. So you can just enjoy Purecha without having to be worried about the halal-status.

Radiation-Free Production

In today's world, it's hard to escape Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR) due to the advent of 4G and recently, 5G cell towers. However, for those who are radiation-conscious, Purecha is produced in a beautiful remote plantation in Zhejiang Province which is very far away from cell-towers and harmful EMF. Assuring the matcha plant to grow up in a really healthy and organic environment.

AAAA Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Having a Ceremonial Grade matcha means having a very fine powder(≥90% pass 800 mesh), paired with great Umami(sweetness) taste as well as a very rich texture without sharp astringency as well as bad aftertaste. This is a truly magnificent experience for those who are a matcha lover!

PURECHA Features :

  • High EGCG content with 33.2 mg/g
  • USDA ORGANIC-Certified
  • Halal-Certified
  • AAAA Grade Matcha
  • Premium Taste
  • Radiation-free Production
  • Effective Fat Inhibitor
  • Good Cardiovascular Support
  • Great for neutralizing sebum on your skin surface and reduce acne
  • Metabolism Booster
  • Effective in lowering blood sugar
  • Effective in lowering cholesterol level

For more information on FAQs and Return Policy, please visit this link.

Note : Purecha is merely a health supplement and does not replace any modern or alternative medications. Please consult your local health professionals should you seek to use it as part of a treatment for your specific health issues.

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